Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella Wild Sun Eleuthero Extract Drink - 33.3 oz

  • Dietary Eleuthero Supplement
  • Wild Sun Eleuthero Extract
  • 2,000-Year Old Tradition

Unrivaled Quality

Sun Eleuthero's superior reputation is unrivaled by any other eleuthero in the world. Eleuthero grows in the virgin forests of China, Russia and Hokkaido (the northernmost part of Japan). Sun Eleuthero Roots are harvested only in the fall, when the plant is at its peak potency.

Sun Eleuthero Extract is made from the root of the plant where nature has concentrated its nutrients. Our Sun Eleuthero Extract is as complete and natural as nature intended - Honey and Plum essence have been added only to preserve the quality and enhance its taste; Quality, purity and integrity have made Sun Chlorella Corp. A leader in the health food industry since 1969. This same commitment to excellence is found in every bottle of Sun Eleuthero Extract.

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